Q:  What is a pin-up girl?
A:  A pin-up girl is traditionally defined as a beautiful image, celebrating the female figure, that is meant to be “pinned up” to a wall in order to be admired.  These types of images became extremely popular in the 1940s during WWII.  Hence the reason why many modern day girls try to emulate a retro style in pin-up photos--to look more like a traditional pin-up girl.  However, the term "pin-up girl" has now come to encompass many types of images of women--from a classic Old Hollywood style beauty to a Rockabilly chick with lots of tattoos, to a cute, girl next door type.  What makes a pin-up style photograph different than just a pretty picture of a girl, is that typically the pin-up girl is depicted in some sort of fantasy situation.  Whether she’s got her dress caught on something that is exposing her sexy thigh highs, or lounging in seductive lingerie waiting for her lover to arrive.   She could even be a stunning starlet dressed to the nines, glowing under a spotlight.  The situation or theme can be playful, sexy, glamorous, flirty, or sometimes even a little bit kitschy.  Whatever your style, we are here to help you release your inner pin-up girl!
Q:  I’m interested in a pin-up girl shoot but I’ve never done anything like this before.  Where do I begin?
A:  If you’re unsure where to start, contact us!  Feel free to tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to do a photo shoot.  We will work with you to give you a photography experience that is customized to you.  We are here to help you every step of the way!
Q:  Can I be a pin-up girl even though I have never modeled or had my photo professionally done before?
A:  Absolutely!  Any one can be a pin-up girl, no matter what your experience level.  We will guide your posing and expressions so you get that classic pin-up girl look.  Take a look at our Before & After photos to see everyday girls, just like you, transformed into pin-ups!
Q:  Do you provide clothing? 
A:  Yes, we have clothing in sizes XS-3X and shoes from size 5-11.  We also have accessories such as hair flowers, sunglasses, jewelry, hats, stockings and garter belts.  If there is a specific outfit that you’ve seen on our website that you want to use, please let us know in advance so we can check to see if we have it in your size.  You are welcome to bring your own clothing and accessories as well.  We will go over everything in more detail once you’ve booked your shoot.
Q:  Do I have to be a size small to be a pin-up girl?
A:  No.  The pin-up girl look works for everyone, no matter what size or shape you are!  That’s the reason why we love it so much!
Q:  I want to do a shoot but I want to lose some weight first.
A:  That is absolutely not necessary!  I will pose you in a number of ways that flatter your body.  Decide to embrace and love your body the way it is now!
Q: I want to do a shoot but I want to wait until I’m tan.
A: It’s better to leave your skin in its natural state, whatever shade of skin you have.  Tanned skin can look orange and tan lines are a big no-no for photography.
Q:  Do I get to choose what theme (props and backgrounds) I get to use for my shoot?
A:  Yes.  We have an assortment of different color backgrounds as well a variety of props.  We will discuss the options that will work best for your style and personality.  You can view our galleries for inspiration.  We will also make suggestions based on what you will be wearing as well as your hobbies and interests.  If you’re not sure what you want, you can let us choose the themes.
Q:  Do you do the hair and makeup?
A:  Yes, we will give you a full retro-inspired makeover!
Q: What if I want to do my own hair and makeup?
A:  If you or someone you know can do professional, retro inspired hair and makeup, let us know when you book your shoot, or no later than 3 weeks before your shoot.  We will discuss the details of what styles work best for photography.  You will also get a print credit towards your order if you come with your hair and/or makeup already done.  If you do decide to do your own makeup, don’t forget to bring lipstick for touch-ups!
Q: How much does this all cost?
A: We offer a variety of packages so you can choose the best one to suit your needs.  Contact us for our current price list.
Q:  How long does the session take?
A:  The amount time a shoot takes will depend on which package you choose.  The hair and makeup takes about 2 hours.  Then the rest of the session will range between 1 to 5 hours (including clothing changes), depending on which package you choose.  Basically, the more outfits/themes included in the package, the longer the session.
Q: Do I have to come for a consultation?
A: We highly encourage you to come for a pre-shoot consultation, at least 3 weeks before your appointment.  That way you can try on our clothes and decide what you will be wearing so we can better plan for your shoot.  If we don’t have something that you would like to wear, we will direct you to websites and/or local stores that will have clothing that you can purchase.  If you need help, we will let you know what types of outfits will work the best for your body shape and for the types of photos that you want.
Q: Can I bring someone with me to the photo shoot?
A:  For the day of the shoot we ask that you come alone.  Modeling is fun but it is a bit of work.  We want to make the day go smoothly, without distractions.  Plus, it may cause you to be more self conscious to have an extra person there watching you!
Q: How soon will I get to see my photos?
A: We will have an online proofing gallery ready for you within a week after your shoot.
Q: Do you give digital copies?
A: Yes.  You can purchase digital copies of your images.  We also offer a line of high quality products such as photographic enlargements, books, canvases, acrylic and metal prints, cards, calendars and more.  All of the products that leave our studio are professionally retouched.  To request a current price list, please contact us.
Q: Will my photos be private?
A:  Absolutely.  We would love to get a model release from all of the girls that come to us but understand if some people want to keep their photos private.
Q:  How many photos do you take?
A:  The amount of photos taken varies with each session.  We take a lot of photos and edit them down to the absolute best.  We will show you enough to give you a nice variety of poses and expressions to choose from.
Q:  How long will it take for me to get my order?
A:  Once you've placed your order, we will get to work retouching and putting the finishing touches on all of your prints.  Once everything is finished we will ship it to you via USPS. The whole process takes about 4 weeks.
Q: How do the payments work?
A: To schedule your session we require a deposit of 50% of your package price.  The balance of your package is due the day of your session.  If you decide to order anything above and beyond what your package includes, payment in full is required for us to start your order.
Q: What if I want to cancel or reschedule?
A: We do a lot to prepare for your session.  Therefore, your deposit is only fully refundable if you cancel 8 or more days before your session.  If you cancel within the 7 days before your session, you will receive a 50% refund on your deposit.  If you just want to reschedule or change your package, there are no penalties and the full deposit will be applied to the new session.